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ORGB 364v16 Assignment 1
Assignment Instructions
Assignment 1 is worth 15 percent of your final mark. It is recommended that you finish Lessons 1, 2, 3, and 4 before you submit this assignment. It is important to review your marker’s written feedback on this assignment before you start working on the next one. This will help eliminate lost marks due to any recurring errors.
Review the Sample Assignment Question page before beginning this assignment. It contains information that will help you maximize your mark on this assignment, including general guidelines and how to use APA style.
The textbook is the only resource you need when referring to theories and concepts in your answers. When referring to the textbook, use your own words (paraphrase), and use an in-text citation that conforms to APA style. You will lose marks if you use direct quotations. Create a reference list (which will include only the textbook) at the end of your assignment document.
To prepare your assignment document, copy and paste all six questions below into a new document. Then, insert your responses directly below each question. Be sure to clearly indicate which question you are answering. Format your answer document with 1-inch margins and 12-point Times Roman font. Please single space all questions and answers.
Strong, articulate, structurally sound sentences and corresponding paragraphs must be used at all times throughout your six responses. A well-structured paragraph contains an introductory (topic) sentence, supporting details in a few well-written sentences, and a closing sentence. Be sure to use a new paragraph whenever you introduce a new topic. Do not use incomplete or run on sentences or paragraphs. Do not include diagrams, figures, bullets, or lists within your responses, and do not include appendices. Do not ask questions within your responses. Watch verb tenses. In general, try to use one verb tense throughout the paper (usually past or present tense).

Part A
Part A consists of three questions. It is worth 40 percent of the assignment total. Your total combined word count for the three questions should be 900–1000 words.
1. Senior officers in a major hospital decided that operations in supplies requisition were inefficient and costly. They brought in consultants, who recommended that the entire requisition process be “reengineered.” This involved throwing out the old practices and developing an entirely new set of work activities around workflow. However, contrary to expectations, this intervention resulted in lower productivity, higher employee turnover, and other adverse outcomes.
Start with a comprehensive description of the open systems theory as it applies to both external and internal environments. Using the open systems perspective, explain the likely source of the problem with the intervention.
2. Store #34 of CDA Hardware Associates has had below-average sales over the past few years. As head of franchise operations, you are concerned with the continued low sales volume. The store manager wants you to diagnose the problem and recommend possible causes.
Begin with a description of the MARS model of individual behaviour. Use the MARS model of individual behaviour and performance to provide four different types of reasons that employees at Store #34 might be performing below average. Provide one example for each of the four variables. .
3. Several junior investment analysts recently hired by a major firm have been placed under the guidance of senior investment analyst Roger Yu. One of the new recruits, Daphne Silberg, is the daughter of a well-known mutual fund executive who retired from the industry a few years ago. Yu has a lot of respect for Silberg’s father and has quickly developed the belief that Silberg could be as successful as her father.
Discuss the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy and specifically the four step cycle. Based on the steps, explain how Yu’s expectations of Silberg might unknowingly turn into a reality.

Part B
Part B is worth 60 percent of the total marks for this assignment.
Read “Case Study: Rough Seas on the LINK650” on pages 105 and 106 of the textbook, and answer the three discussion questions below. Avoid repetition. Your total combined word count for these questions should be 1200–1500 words.
1. List and describe the four ways that employees respond to dissatisfaction according to the exit-voice-loyalty-neglect (EVLN) model.
2. Based on the EVLN model, identify and discuss the various ways that employees expressed their job dissatisfaction on the LINK650.
3. Shaun O’Neill’s commitment to the LINK organization dwindled over his two years of employment. Discuss the three factors that affected his organizational commitment.