Recent Question/Assignment

Assignment 1 – Market Entry Strategic
Report As individuals, students are required to select an Australian company as the basis of a case study. Once the company has been approved by your lecturer, you will be required to prepare a detailed strategic report to management that analyses the macro-environmental, geopolitical risks and opportunities, as well as overall market attractiveness of entry of this company into BOTH a specific European AND Asian market.
Ideally your report will contain:
• An Executive Summary
• A brief introduction of the selected company
• Identification of the TWO countries selected for market entry (one European and one Asian)
• For each of the TWO countries provide a detailed analysis of:
• The current macro-environmental and geopolitical forces impacting that country.
• Development of each country’s trade and business policy.
• An assessment of the potential dangers, risks and opportunities in the current or short-term policies of each country.
• Conclusion – After evaluating both countries students must make a recommendation of which one is most suited for market entry, along with your reasons and justifications of why.
A limit of 2000 words overall (plus or minus 10%) is to be strictly observed.

Ideally the report will be presented in Arial 12pt font with 1.5 lines spacing.
Students must also show adequate evidence of additional research with at least 10 – 15 academic reference sources provided.