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.ssessment item 2
Corporate objectives and approaches to
Value: 15%
Due date: 03-Dec-2017
Return date: 28-Dec-2017
Length' 600 Quality words
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This assessment is designed to engage you in the subject and to begin to develop an understanding of central issues in marketing. It will also be the start of the discussion and comparison with your peers on topics of the marketing concept and market management, and starts the process of the marketing audit.
In 3 sections of 200 words each (or less), Incorporating the theoretical concepts into your discussion from first two chapters of the text, and with the use of secondary research, discuss the following concepts and apply to your selected organisation:
1. Identify the concept of corporate objectives and evaluate an organisation with information available in the public domain.
2. Discuss marketing orientation concepts (i.e. the marketing concept, the selling concept or production concept) Explain with examples which concept your organisation follows.
3. What is your organisation's core marketing strategy? Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the current marketing strategy and explain how this strategy will help your organisation reach its corporate objectives.
More information on how to complete this assessment will be provided on Interact 2
Online submission via Turnitin is required for this assignment. Details will be provided by your subject lecturer.
This assessment assesses the following learning outcomes:
be able to assess and explain the nature of marketing and marketing management in contemporary organisations;
be able to find relevant and important information about organisations, their industries and marketplaces from secondary sources;
Marldng criteria
Criterion :The various skills to be assessed =ail Pass -Zredit Distinction High Distinction
Communication Skills This is about the presentation of the work including: Structure, Format, Grammar. including manes oor grammar, spelling, punctuation, concepts were not clear, no oaragraphs or ormaning- no images, ables or illustrations darks 0 Some grammatical errors, dinor grammatical errors, sentences were clear and complete, structure and format were used to aid the reader including diagrams, tables and manes, that were relevant o argument, but were still '10t fully explained or described Marks 1.5 =ree of grammatical errors Structure and format were clear Sentences were well sonstructed. Language was concise. Excellent use of diagrams, images and tables Free of grammatical errors Structure and format were clear, logical and consistent.
Value 10% sentences were clear and that were both visually appealing as well as clearly relevant and explained Marks 2 Sentences were well constructed. Exceptional use of diagrams. images and tables, clearly relevant, explained and insightful links made
Grade range 0.2.5 complete clear structure and formatting using Marks 2.5
and sub headings, some ilustrations and diagrams, but riot explaned and only, decorative
Marks 1
Theoretical analysis skits This criterion is about defining, describing and evaluating the Concepts were not Concepts were defined, there was an anempt to provide descriptions with examples to explain, limited analysis Marks 2 Clear and relevant definitions and descriptions with examples, some attempt to develop analysis by comparing and contrasting of concepts :leer definitions, descriptions with examples and analysis of concepts with comparison, with clear evaluations and conclusions Marks 3.5 Clear definitions, descriptions with examples and analysis of concepts with highly insightful and perceptive comparisons, evaluations and conclusions Marks 4.5
Concepts that were found when researching the topic Value 40% Grade range 0-4.5 defined, described or evaluated, mainly listed without explanation Narks 0 Narks 2.5
Application dulls This criterion is about linking theory to a specific context, explaining how it relates to a product/company and making recommendations Value There was no or limited application to the case study, no examples provided no wornmendations Marks 0.2 Case study was Dose study was described and identified. The context was connected to theory with clear links. There were lase study described and dentified and insightful evaluations were made. The centext was connected to theory with clear, creative and logical links. There were Case study described and identified and insightful evaluations were made. The context was connected to theory with exceptional, logical and imaginative links. The market discussion were highly relevant, realistic and supported with explicit connections to theoretical arguments
40% Grade range for 0- 6 described and identified. The context was connected briefly to theory, but the •elevant market discussions Marks 4 relevant, well Mark 6
discussion was not well supported by arguments Marks 3 supported mar discussions
with explicit connections to
Marks 5
Referencing Mils There was limited or no attempt at in text or end of text referencing Marks 0 There was an attempt to apply feterencing applied. iowever style/application rwas inconsistent with 'some errors in ,ext/reference Gm dark 1.25 Both the in text and end reference list were consistent in terms of style and application of APA6. Marks 1.5 Both the in text and end Reference list were consistent n terms of style and application of APA6. Referencing apparent n all places where expected. Narks 2
This criterion was about the referencing, but style and
application of APA application were inconsistent and sane points remain unreferenced Marks 1
6th referencing
10% Grade range 0-2
Report format should be used for Assessment Two. However, you do not need to include an executive summary for the first assessment.