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Topics for P. Research Paper L(1.7E Week 6
. Globakrauon
- Cossants Inchintlealle afifected
• Pounce cases
Neptsce cases
• Some facts and figures are required with your analysis
• Terns of Trade
-`Facts and figures
- Much area me scumming decreasing Benceen Austraba and China, Japan, UK. GS. Germany. India, Indonesia, Kern
• Factors a frectzsgthis trade
• Subsidies tri Agicubute Car industry and
Soil, energy mad
- Positive aspects
Negattve aspects
2 to i counnies and 1 or 2 industries 4
• Small countries with less population and GDP
have been benefited with trade
- 2 to 3 countries
- Industries
- Affect on GDP Standard of living
• Comparative advantage
Explain the reasons
- 2 to 3 countries and 1 to 2 industries
- Some facts and figures
Structure of the Research Paper
• Introduction—which topic 300 words
• Body- Discuss the topic in the article and with some theory -2400 words
• Conclusion 300 words
- More marks for research — choosing a good article on something specific
- 441=4 to 6 articles on your topic besides facts and figures
- More marks for application and your comments on the topic in introduction and conclusion