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Individual assignment
Marketing Management - HI5004
Assessment 1: Individual assignment
Due date: Friday Week 5
Weight: 20% of total marks
Length: 1500 words
This length limit includes any text, figures, tables, in-text references, and appendices. This limit does not include the cover page, table of contents, or list of references (at the end of assignment).
Submission: On due date submit to Blackboard on Final submission link
There are two topics and students need to discuss any one topic in detail, good structure and demonstrate deep knowledge of that topic, at least 10-12 references.
Index and referencing will not be counted in 1500 words.
1. Consider the three key forces driving the new marketing realities. How are they likely to change in the future? What other major trends or forces might affect marketing?
2. What brands and products do you feel successfully speak to you and effectively target your age group? Why? Which ones do not? What could they do better?