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Template for ACS Event Reports
Student Name:
Student Number:
Enrolment Number:
ACS Membership:
Event Venue:
Event Type:
CP Hours:
SFIA Alignment (this will appear on your registration):
Describe the event in 150-300 words. Some points you might like to consider:
• What was your ‘elevator pitch’ – how did you introduce yourself?
• Write down the contact details of one of the people you met.
• What was their advice on how to get started in the industry?
• What new ideas did you gain that added to your understanding of ACS and the ICT profession?
• What was the relevance of the material to your internship or future work (whichever is the more relevant)?
• What would you do differently at your next networking opportunity?

Total 3 speakers
1. Puzzle Out of SFIA – Louise Smith
2. Credible Communication – Anneli Blundell
3. The Road from Damascus – Louay Ghashash

Word Count: 944 words

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