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C. Competitive Analysis of 2 competitor Product/Services, including why or what makes they are competitors to the Product/Service under review. Discussion in this section should also cover off whether the Competitors are considered to be superior/inferior to the Product/Service under review.
Byron Bay Coffee Company, Campos, Toby’s Estate, Starbucks, Morgans, St Ali Melbourne, Proud Mary’s Melbourne, Gloria Jean’s, Segafredo, Single O
Product 1: Give an example of any Brand in NSW
Is an Australian brand that has managed to go national without losing the boutique touch. They are in the same game as Single O and are major competitors. ……………………………..
Product 2: Give an example of any Brand in Melbourne
Campos has done the same but done it internationally. They have not lost the boutique great quality coffee touch and prove to be a major competitor in Australia for Single O. ………………………
IT Should contain 2 Graph of:
1 Quality and Price
2. Environment Friendly and Fair Trade
Pls pick any brand which made Single O to be in the middle of both and show us how Single O should do to improve its position in the market.
500-1000 words Due 12:00 PM Friday 17/11