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» Topic 1 : Write a discussion article that explains and contrasts the different types of construction contracts that are used in New Zealand for public and private works.
( Note : Ensure that Your explanation covers all the main types of contracts and why they are used. You should also contrast advantages and disadvantages of each types of contracts)
» Topic 2 : Write a discussion article that critically evaluates the professional practice principles applicable to the sustainable use of materials in New Zealand.
(Note : in your evaluation cover economics, societal, environmental aspects and consider the amount to influence the owner, the designer, the builder and the sub contractors have on sustainability decisions )
Special Note :
1) Article must be typed and be a maximum of 2500 word in length excluding reference section.
2) Your copy should be have normal page margin, be in 11 point normal Arial font with single line spacing.
3) Plagiarism, cheating or assisting may not be approved. It should be around less than 10 %.
Dead line of submitting assignment : 24/11/2017
Reference : Harsheel patel

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