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Course Name: Communication
Due Date: October 27,2017.
Word limit: 700
Assignment Detail:
Critique Assignment
· Maximum length: 700 words
· APA format.
· APA-style citations and reference
· If desired, introduce the issue that the book discusses with an opener to “hook” your audience. This could be a provocative statement, a question, a short personal anecdote, recent news story, or interesting statistic. Your opener must be specific, not a sweeping generalization.
· Summarize the main idea/argument/points of the article. Explain why this information is relevant or interesting.
· Include a thesis statement with the main point or idea in your critique.
· In a series of paragraphs, evaluate the content of the book and the way the content is presented. You could comment on some (but not all) of the following aspects: content/ideas, the way the argument is developed, whether the advice presented is solid, organization, audience, writing style, tone, reading level, graphics/pictures/diagrams, layout.
· Conclude with an interesting or witty statement that clearly describes why the work is important or useful to the reader (or why it has failed to achieve its goals).
*You are aiming for an objective tone, not a subjective tone. You will talk about “the reader” NOT “you”. You are presenting an objective evaluation of the work, not discussing whether you personally like it or think it is good or bad. You might use the pronoun “I” if you include a personal story in your introduction, but the rest of the essay will use third person pronouns (“the author,” “the reader,” “the audience”).
(Reading Material)
Article: Nik Harron: Fully Destructible
Critical Analysis