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HELLO, this is not a written assessment, instead its a practice.
to solve it, two platforms are necessary. the first one is online
username: xxxxxxxxxxxx
password: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
once you enter, you must click CISM4000, Kaplan Australia, 2017, Trimester 2 and go to practice set (assessment).
I have already made a previous steps to get to Transactions early January. From here I need to complete the rest of the assessment.
I am attaching the previous information of the creation of the company in the program MYOB AccountRight Plus V19. also in the bottom are the steps to follow to download the program and to be able to solve the assessment correctly.
please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
To download and install your Student Edition of MYOB AccountRight Plus Version 19 (323MB):
1/ Click on the link below to start a download in your browser and save the file to your computer by selecting Save or Save target as or Save link as depending on your browser. Ensure that the file name ends with .zip (without the quotes). Note that the link to download the software is long and may be broken by your email system. If the link is broken, copy and paste all of it into the address bar of your browser.
2/ Extract the zip file and then run the setup.exe program to install the software on your computer. Your student version does not have (and does not need) a serial number and does not need activation. When installing your software or creating a new company file, please leave blank any fields that request a serial number and ignore any requests to activate your company file. We provide detailed installation instructions at:
MYOB software will only run on the Microsoft Windows operating system. More information on the minimum system requirements for the MYOB software is available from MYOB at
Remember, for further help with your installation of this software and then to learn how to use it, please visit the free tutorials and instructional videos that Perdisco publishes in the MYOB Learning Center at
Best wishes for your studies this semester.

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