Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 2
Critical Analysis
Due Friday Week 8
Word limit 1500 words
30 per cent
Most people have some type of hidden bias, according to the SHRM (2017). Rock & Halverson (as cited in SHRM, 2017) say that such biases often surface in the workplace when people are drawn to others who share the same hobbies or pursuits, creating an affinity bias that can affect resume-screening and career advancement. Whatever shape bias takes, it erodes productivity and engagement. In their study, Honesty and Maxfield found that 66 percent of the people they spoke with said the biased treatment they experienced had a large impact on their morale, motivation, commitment, and desire to advance in the organization.
Diversity in leadership within a firm allows managers to bring in new skills and methods for achieving unity within their teams and develop a strong culture.
1) Critically analyse this statement in terms of the leadership, CSR and HRM practices within an organisation.
2) Identify aspects of bias that might contribute to a decrease in productivity and suggest ways to eradicate this in the culture.
Key terms in this essay are
• Leadership
• Diversiy Management
• Culture i.e. positive or negative and relate it to the bias.
Aspects of bias can be HR practices such as
• Recruitment
• Training and development
• Retention
• Engagement
This essay should be a strictly third person approach.
These are some research articles for example: