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Topic: analysing QoS in SDN and providing scalable solution with minimum overhead.
Research Questions
1. How to provide QoS in SDN and what is the overhead?
2. How to minimise Overhead?
3. How to make it scalable?
First file is marking criteria of all fallow only ASSIGNMENT 2
Second file is we did this assignment. Below i mentioned some COMMENTS from my supervisor . so you can change according to my supervisor comments OR you can make new one choice is yours.
if you make new one also please fallow fallow fallow fallow BELOW COMMENTS from my supervisor.
Assignment 2
Max Marks
5. Project plan and preliminary design
Table of weekly activities
Roles & responsibilities of each team member (in detail)
Gantt chart appropriate to the project
Project diagram
Project Methodology: Project with block diagrams step by step (you can use UML/Use cases/ flow charts)
Budget with references (detailed budget with specifications if not given in section 4).
Total Marks
1.table of weekly activities..... no need to do anything
2.remaining all parts needed.Especially 4 different methodologies need..not one methodology(we are group of four so i need four methodologies)
3. Budget section: make budget on only one methodology no need budget for all four methodologies.
but write which methodology you are choosing for budget.
please fallow always our SUPERVISOR COMMENTS (if you are doing changes or making new one no matter fallow comments)
Dear Students,
An opportunity is given to you to improve your assignment 2 based on your supervisor's feedback and resubmit by next Tuesday: 19th Sep 2017.
For this purpose I am providing you my feedback.
1) Good to see that you have incorporated some of my suggestions as changing the title etc.
2)Figure 2 is about overall project diagram, but it does not mean anything as it simply shows SDN. Can you come up with a block diagram that shows your project modules instead of SDN.
3)As the project scope has been changed so traditional network needs to be taken out from all methodologies. Also there should be a section that mentions what is novel/new in this proposed methodology as compared to the existing work.
4)As also mentioned in the last meeting that you need to find your contribution in terms of novelty for each methodology.
5) All methodologies do not mention the QoS measurement analysis and scalability study as your contribution could be to analyze the scalability factor in terms of overhead at the controller and finding ways to minimize it.
6) Reshma(methodology 1): the flow chart shows what to measure but after that there should be a way to put in the part that mentions analyzing the performance and then running same simulation with more nodes and checking the scalability in terms of overhead at controller etc.
7)Khwaja (methodology 2): figure 5 seems to be copied but no reference is given, it also does not show what you are trying to do. More details are required and also a flow chart that shows that you will see the performance of routing protocols (maybe good to say any two instead of so many) and then see the impact of adding nodes to the simulation by studying the overhead at the controller etc.
8)Tameem (methodology 3): Please take the traditional network part out of the flow chart and you can mention that the setup cost will be compared and evaluated for networks of different sizes to see the scalability impact on controller as well as on other factors.
9)Raviteja(methodology 4): The methodology you have mentioned has a number of factor to be studied which may be too big in scope. You should choose one or two factors like load balancing or resource sharing and then on the basis of that compare SDN networks of varying size to see the impact of network size on these factors. Please make a choice and change the flow chart, also remove traditional network part out and add comparison based on varying network size to see the scalability factor.
10)For all methodology please add a subsection that mentions how your methodology has some novelty.
11)For budget, you need to make changes as please only mention the things you need as we will be doing simulation on free simulator and do not require Riverbed etc. as traditional network is not compared anymore. Also if you are using existing software at MIT then don’t add that cost and only mention that available at MIT. Also when you mention the cost then there has to be a reference as from where you got that information, you can put a reference of Australian Microsoft website for MS office etc

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