Recent Question/Assignment

You will be assessed on the quality of sources of information, how well you use these resources to support your arguments and your referencing skills. You are expected to use 10 supporting references which include at least six (6) different peer-reviewed journals. The use of WIKIPEDIA online encyclopaedia is not allowed. Use of Wikipedia may result in a fail grade in this essay. You must use the HARVARD referencing system to acknowledge your sources of information (both in-text and as a reference list at the end).
Learning Outcomes Targeted:
Outcome a) Explain how theories of organisational behaviour may be applied in an organisational setting.
Outcome b) Evaluate potential organisational problem situations and formulate proactive managerial interventions, with special sensitivity to cultural, ethical and social concerns.
Outcome c) Locate relevant research and compare and critique the findings on current developments in organisational behaviour
In what circumstances do attitudes determine behaviours at work? Why are attitudes useful for a person? Examine how much is known about what factors determine either job satisfaction or organisational commitment. To what extent does organisational commitment suggests that managers in organisation should care about how committed their staffs are?
WORD LIMIT 1500 (+-) 10%