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The topic for the essay is:
What do you consider to be the main cause of the Great Recession in the USA?
Essay Individual 40% 2000 words (excluding graphs and bibliography)
Goal: The topic* will require you to apply your knowledge of the economic theory you have learned in the context of a contemporary problem. In doing this, you will develop skills that will allow you to understand current economic events.
Product: Essay
Format: This is an individual assessment.
Introduction and conclusion
The introduction should be one paragraph that introduces the topic of your essay, answers the question, and shows how you intend to address this topic.
The conclusion should summarize the major points covered in the essay and bring these together in a way which follows logically from the body of the paper. New ideas should not be introduced in the conclusion.
While essays should be written in a formal tone, they should also be written clearly and concisely. This means you should use paragraphs composed of short sentences and choose the simplest words that convey your meaning accurately. Your essay should also be structured so that your argument flows logically from point to point.
The content of your argument should be factually correct and relevant to the question.
Research and references
The essay should demonstrate the depth of your reading on the subject.
Reference your discussion in Harvard style. This means that whenever you draw on another author’s argument or theory; include the author’s name and the year of the publication in brackets at the end of the sentence. If you quote directly from that author, use inverted commas e.g. ‘……’ around the quote and include the page number in the brackets. Do not use footnotes for references.
At the end of your essay, you should include a bibliography, which lists more complete details for the sources you have referenced within the body of your essay. The citation for each reference should be author, year of publication, title of the book or article, publisher and city of publication. If you are citing from a newspaper or journal article, the citation should be author, year of publication, title of the article, title of the newspaper or journal, volume and issue number or date if it is a newspaper article, page number(s) of the article.
Spelling, grammar and presentation
Attention to the final edited version of your paper is important. It is expected that you will not have spelling or grammatical errors in your presentation and that your essay will use standard English.
You are required to word process your essay. Type on one side of the page only, using double-spacing, font size 12 and wide margins.
Graphs or statistical information do not contribute to the word count but may be a useful part of your essay. It is important that they are relevant to the argument that you are developing, are actually referred to in the discussion component of

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