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Assessment item 2
Report on the 7 Eleven case
Value: 45%
Due date: 08-Sep-2017
Return date: 03-Oct-2017
Length: 2500 words -1+ 10%
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
This assessment task extends the work that you have been doing in Assessment 1. In 2014, the Fair Work Ombudsman launched an inquiry into the employment practices of 7 Eleven organisation in Australia, with specific reference to its compliance with industrial relations laws relating to pay and conditions.
Central to the inquiry were allegations of illegal conduct relating to the treatment of visa holders employed by franchisees. Information about the report and the background to the inquiry can be found at this link:
Following the release of the report, there has been public debate surrounding the employment of visa holders in Australia, notably student visa holders and s457 visa holders (skilled workers).
Your task in this assessment is to address the following questions.
1. Provide a summary of the 7 Eleven inquiry. Why was it done and what were the major findings?
2. Critically analyse any gaps in the Australian ER system that this inquiry raises in regard to the role of the state and the role of unions. (You will need to do some background reading on these two aspects in order to provide an evidence-based argument.)
3. Discuss the implications of the inquiry for the regulation of ER in Australia — not just 7 Eleven. (You will need to blend professional, newspaper and academic sources.)
Given the recency of this inquiry, there is quite a lot of material available.
Successful completion of this assessment task will help you to demonstrate
achievement of the following learning outcomes in HRM523.
- apply specialised knowledge to solve complex problems relating to the Australian
industrial relations system
- synthesise and apply theoretical frameworks and scholarly research to critically
analyse issues relating to the practice of industrial relations in Australia
- employ academic writing and information literacy skills.
Marking criteria
Marking guide for Assessment 2
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aporication of specialist and pnifessenal knowledge to teethe the 7 Eleven inquiry (ad theory penspectven I 30 marts Reensin ER knowledge from tRatenate academic, profteSionel and news sources a *pled *11th creed bought to warm maids points of wow in addressing the queens. The ns dore effectively Relevant ER kneeler:19e from wedeln... ladessioren and woo tweee it asolog cnticary to analyse the posean of the map, stakeholders n addressing this western. ER licnaledga ft Lased to suppol Da argument; hammy, the scarce, are not at 01 good Deily ander they erect uneven relereashe ands they are not snarl easeeltnnly to sudden an endeared% ea/talent usell to describe tho case and to d01.11)1111U01.4.1. pants of new relining to en question the peon does not nee far beyond Deal:eon and daterbOn of oilers' news The extent of value add n decal Donaght is Wiled Does not erldiess to
Business mdkatens(l 5 marks) The dicusson mdicalens are luny consistent wen de analysis of gads and informed by relevant sources. Creed thought has teen eyelid ND), i. the liscuwon of anclnaban. Chinamen Cl MIYMAIW11,5 Its confident Des the warns acmes. Them may be landspols n ordeal Douala reaseng to norications. antese he 050 of summing matenal Disermiun of an-vicar., Maassas tht gaps odentrfiest. Wanes to decuesion may be may be oval; general a otherwise unclear n the extent to retekt the gape are aggressed Than may also be gape in the dedication of the oolcasons Divonisen of nolescons we be :tsarina' Of rot well connected to the )spa itleoleed Nay be poorly meted Does not liddrfosS5 the part of the butetwin.
(Note Dads me be detected to pox reteranctrtp and Wore fo knew the cessenfalen mstrudens ./
Totd. 45 mein
Use the following format for this report.
- Title page, showing the subject and assessment details, your name and student
number, and the word count (this will be checked)
- Table of contents page (not included in the word count)
- Introduction
- Appropriate headings and sub headings, with numbered paragraphs and sub-
- Reference list of sources that have been cited in the report. There is no minimum
number of references. (Fifteen appropriate references is a guide only.)
An executive summary is not required.
The title page, table of contents and reference list page/s are not included in the word count. Everything else is included. Words contained in tables and images are included. Do not use appendices, footnotes or endnotes.
Use 1.5 line spacing and 12 point font.
Marks will be deducted for incorrect referencing and for failure to follow the instructions.

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