Recent Question/Assignment

Select onlt one scenario. (700 words)
Scenario 1
You have been asked to present an information session on wills and estate planning to a group of Aboriginal people. How would you use the intercultural communication and Language and argument to prepare the session (It is helpful here to use theories discussed in Lectures 1 and 2 and apply them to the situation).
Scenario 2
Devise a communications program which announces a reduction in staff when the company has just announced record profitability. (It is important to understand that you act here not as a manager but as a Communication Officer. What professional formats and approaches you would use in this situation to best communicate the message?)
Please answer to the Following questions?
1 Audience analysis – Who are your audience (receiver)? What are the needs and attitudes of your audience?
2. Communication goals – What are you trying to achieve? Consider short and long term goals.
3. Communication process – How will you plan and implement communication strategies and practices to achieve your goals.
4 Timing.