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Nova Southeastern University
Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences
Assignment 3
MCIS 665 Web Services
Winter 2014
Due Date: 4/6/2014 11:59PM ET
Total Points: 100
1. Your need to submit this assignment in BlackBoard in one of the following file formats:
ASCII, MS Word, or PDF. Please include your name in EVERY document you submit.
2. Please sign and submit the “Certification of Authorship” form (located in Blackboard)
along with your solutions.
3. Lists, figures, pseudo code, or source code can be included in your answer; however
you need to ensure all questions are answered in complete sentences and paragraphs.
Part 1. Text reading
Chapters 11, 12, 17, 18
Part 2. Textbook questions (80 points – all questions are equally weighted)
Chapter 11
11.1 Briefly describe the most common security threats for Web services, and the
countermeasures against these threats.
11.2 Briefly describe the most common techniques to protect the security of Internet
11.3 Briefly describe the XML security services and standards: XML Encryption, XML
Signature, SAML and XACML.
11.4 Briefly describe the components of WS-Security.
Chapter 12
12.1 What are the most common types of policies for Web services?
12.2 What are the main components of WS-Policy Framework?
12.3 Briefly explain the purpose of effective policies and policy scopes in WSDL.
Chapter 17
17.1 How is Web service management different from conventional distributed computing
systems management?
17.2 What are the most prominent functions of service management?
17.3 What is the purpose and main characteristics of the Management of Web Services
Chapter 18
18.1 What are the essential characteristics of Cloud Computing?
18.2 How is Cloud Computing related to SOA initiatives?
18.3 What are the perceived benefits of Cloud Computing? What are the perceived risks?
How can these risks be circumvented?
Part 3. Practical Assignment (20 points)
Note: this exercise will be another foundation for your project assignment.
Exercise 5.3 (p. 176 of the textbook, the question is copied below just in case you have a
different version of the textbook)
Define a simple Web service in WSDL that returns flight information regarding flights of
a particular flight operator, see Exercise 3.4.
Again this assignment is based on the XML schema you developed for Assignment 1. In
Assignment 1, if the schema you designed does not support the required queries, you will
need to make revisions accordingly.
In Assignment 2, if you have implemented the SOAP service using WSDL, you may
continue to refine the project and write a brief report. Otherwise you need to implement it
using WSDL in this assignment, and include the following components in your
1. A report that shows your design, your implementation, and your test cases. You need
to show important design decisions you make, key algorithms and data structures you
used (if any), and the platform (e.g., software, hardware) based on which the system is
implemented. You also need to show screenshots of the execution of your system.
2. A working prototype of the system. You can use any platform or IDE you feel
comfortable with as long as you clearly report these details in the project report. Submit
the source code along with instructions how to execute your system.
Note that the input (queries on the flight availability) and output (response to queries) can
be written in any of the following formats: XML file, plain text file, or system I/O. The
system can be tested on a live web server, or on a simulated environment such as a local

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