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QUESTION 1: 20 marks, 20% of the subject
Advise your client on how the following items will be treated for tax purposes under Australian tax law:
Webjet frequent flyer points received by a business analyst employed by a large business consultancy firm in relation to work related travel paid for by the firm
amounts received by a crane hire company
from its customers for a damaged crane
th. a free overseas holiday received by a nightclub manager from an alcohol supplier
Hu. the return to its members of excess funds raised by a canoe club for the purchase of additional canoes
v. a payment made by a television station to an Australian footballer for being named the best and fairest in the AFL
Expenses relating to a building qualification for a building apprentice
Expenses relating to a short course in art management in the hope of becoming an art director
v.. Expenses relating to work make-up and work dresses
x. Expenses relating to travel between home and office
x. Expenses relating to travel between one employer and another employer
QUESTION 2: 20 marks, 20% of the subject
Manpreet is an international student studying an accounting degree at CQU, Sydney. She commenced her studies in term 1, 2016. In the 2016/2017 financial year she worked part time as an office assistant at an Accountants office to gain work experience in her chosen career and made $45,000 from that job. Manpreet also received $20,000 from her parents to

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