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Assessment 2: Report
This assessment is for these students only: Melbourne - Hotel School; Sydney - Hotel School.

Report task
Choose one of the topics from the list below and argue a viewpoint in the format of an academic report. It is expected that this viewpoint will emerge from your research, and will form the foundation of your argument. Your argument should be supported by a minimum of 6 academic references and industry examples should be used to illustrate your discussion. It is expected that you come to a conclusion supported by the research material used and make recommendations.
Assignment topics
1. Given environmental concerns, tourism in the developing world is unsustainable.
2. Luxury and green are incompatible goals for the hotel industry.
3. Environmental certification does not increase occupancy.
4. Corporate social responsibility is integral to the long-term success of five-star hotels.
5. Your own topic proposal that adresses a key issue in this unit.
Marking Criteria

High Criterion Marks Distinction Distinction Credit Pass Fail
Content 50% Excellent Very good Good Adequate Poor
and understanding of understanding of understanding of understanding of understanding of reasoning the topic and the topic and the topic and the topic and the topic and concepts. concepts. Very concepts. Good concepts. concepts. Lack of Excellent good argument of argument of a Adequate depth to your argument of a a viewpoint to a viewpoint to a argument of a analysis. Poor viewpoint to a chosen topic. chosen topic. viewpoint to a argument of a chosen topic. Very good Some good chosen topic. viewpoint to a Excellent recommendations recommendations Some chosen topic. recommendations made made recommendations Recommendations
made made but may poor
not be appropriate
Referencing 13% Excellent, Very good, uses Good, uses Adequate Poor referencing consistently uses standard Harvard standard Harvard referencing technique. Does standard Harvard referencing in referencing most technique, more not use standard referencing in text and LOR, of the time, 2–3 than 3 Harvard text and LOR 1–2 mistakes referencing referencing referencing,
mistakes mistakes several mistakes
Report 12% Excellent report Report format Report format Report format Report format not format and format. Excellent with all parts very with all parts well adequately done. used or parts
structure grammar and well done. Very done. Good Adequate written missing. Poor
written good grammar grammar and expression. Some written expression. Meets and written written grammar and expression,
word count expression. Meets expression. Plus spelling mistakes. grammar and word count or minus 10% of Plus or minus spelling mistakes
word count 10% of word throughout. Does
count not meet word count

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