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Prepare a written summary of your self awareness exercises from 'Your career and you', your career planning reflections from the study guide and include a section on 'your greatest strengths' giving some brief examples of how you demonstrate these strengths (Minimum 1500 words).
Report on informational interview. Include the time, place, organisation, the person interviewed, their role in the organisation, a list of the questions asked and the information you gathered. From this information, and your reflective exercises, explain how your career choice is consistent with your identified skills and interests. Also include career planning reflections from the study guide and a copy of your action plan (Minimum 1500 words).
Assessment criteria – Portfolio 1: ‘Planning for my professional career’
A copy of the job advertisement or position description used for preparing resume, selection criteria and cover letter

Summary of self-assessment results
• Displays significant effort in self reflection by outlining personal attributes and skills
• Identifies strengths and provides brief examples of how these strengths are demonstrated
• Provides strategies to develop identified weaknesses
• Appropriate grammar and correct spelling
• Minimum 1500 words
Report on informational interview
• Includes time, place, organisation, person interviewed, their role, questions asked and information gathered
• Reflection on career choice and explains how this is consistent with identified skills and interests
• Includes an action plan to advance career goals
• Has a title for the report. sub-headings to guide the reader, an introduction and a conclusion


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