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Direct materials are added at the beginning of the process. Conversion costs are added evenly during the
When the Assembly Department finishes work on each clock, it is immediately transferred to Testing.
Jazza Ltd uses the weighted-average method of process costing.
Data for the Assembly Department for August 2017 are:
ZlseZn costs
Work in process, 1 August
Started during August
Completed during August
Total costs added during October
Physical Units Direct Materials
22 500
$12,200,000 $6,375,000
?gn=rtkeiuhrcirceegsasrciiss rct=ecoori:htisregards to conversion costs and dosing work in process is
1:iroosdiizezrri, Tndigt,iresifisnttrheepoarststfib.cil;rdteop::1:elgtte the cost of clocks transferred out and the value of
Limited edition dresses Pty Ltd incurred the following costs for job number SH400, which consisted of 500 coddail dresses for sale to a fashion store.
llteeeectlieterni:quisition no. 520: 900 metres of Cotton @ 8.50 per metre
16 December Requisition no. 101: 600 metres of Nylon @ $4.40 per metre
DireDecemberct .: Timesheet no. 72: 500 hours@$24 per hour
qt71:fcTeortItinegb=rto7Vect labour hours @$12 per hour
Additional information:
Job SH400 was completed on 16 December.
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