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BUSM3127 Managing Across Cultures Assessment tasks Assignment 1: Personal cultural reflection Weighting 25%
(1500 words maximum, due 17/08/2017)
the culture can be Chinese in other country culture experience~
This is an individual assignment. Prepare a 1500 word (max) reflection on the impact that culture has had on your life to date, both professionally and personally. Although there is a great deal of disagreement in the literature about intercultural communication, one thing that almost all the seminal authors from various disciplines agree on is that self-awareness is the starting point for intercultural competency. Therefore, the purpose of this piece if for you to understand your own cultural foundations and what you, personally, bring to global management before we delve more deeply into ‘difference’.
Some of you may never have written a reflective piece for assessment before, so it may be useful for you to consider the recommendations on the RMIT Learning Lab at
Also, we recognise that you will have only spent four weeks in the course at the stage you are writing your reflection, however you have an entire lifetime to reflect upon for this piece.
Questions and concepts you might consider:
There is no set structure for your writing and as a reflective piece it can be quite subjective, however it should be presented in a professional manner and include some references to readings we have done to date or your own research. You should state what YOU think and how you have reflected on a range of sources and experiences in coming to some conclusions about how culture has affected and might continue to affect your life. Some reflective points that may assist you but which are not mandatory:
• What is your cultural background and heritage and how has it shaped the person you are?
• What exposure have you had to other cultures and sub-cultures? This could be in travel, work,
daily living, etc.
• What are your reactions to the above? Why?
• What do you think about cultural divergence/convergence? In other words are ‘we all the same underneath’, or ‘does difference matter’? Why?
• What are your limitations, prejudices, likes, dislikes when it comes to working with difference? (we all have them) Why?
• As a result of the above, how suited are you to global management? What sort of career path might appeal to you? Why?
The sources of information you use to support your reflections should be referenced in Harvard format.
Marking guidelines
In assessing your work we will attend to the following:
• evidence of self-awareness and openness to learning
• analysis of own experiences in light of research/theory • reflections and conclusions
• writing structure and flow.

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