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2 Written Assessment
Assessment Title Assessment Task 2 - Case Study Report
Task Description
Before you commence this assessment, you must read and follow all the instructions as per the assessment guidelines (including the assessment rubric) available from the Moodle site.
This assessment requires you to analyse and write a business report based on the discussion questions for the case study titled: The role of HR in creating sustainable organisations (pages 35-36 of the textbook): Human Resource Management in Australia (5th Ed.) by Kramar, Bartram, De Cieri, Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright, McGraw-Hill Australia).
Based on this case study, write a business report that answers all of the following questions:
1. What course of action would you recommend to the CEO in the first hospital as a way to improve the operation of HRM at the hospital?
2. What are the key features of building a sustainable HR capability?
Students are expected to engage in extensive research within the academic literature relating to employment relations, managerial styles, communication and performance management, to develop an argument with appropriate theoretical discussion and references. You must cite at least five (5) relevant peer reviewed journal articles (absolute minimum requirement). You can cite other academic references such as books, conference papers, and book chapters but these will NOT be counted as part of the 5 journal articles.
Length: 1,200 words ± 10% (including executive summary, introduction, heading and subheadings, recommendations and conclusion but excluding title page and reference list)

Assessment Criteria
Your report will be assessed on the extent to which it meets each of the following criteria:
Analysis (30%)
Integration of Literature with case (25%)
Research (25%)
Presentation, referencing, organisation, structure, communication (20%)
Penalty for late submission without approval if applicable [(-5%× 35/day = -1.5 marks/day]
Important: Plagiarism will be reported to the Academic Services Centre of the University and may result in a “zero” mark.
Referencing Style American Psychological Association (APA)
Submission Online
Only MS Word document (doc and docx only). Other types are not acceptable. Documents that cannot go through Turnitin or cannot be opened will not be marked.
Learning Outcomes Assessed
Graduate Attributes