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BUS80003 Research Methodology
Assignment #1
Research Questions and Motivation
This is an individual assignment worth 20 marks (20% of the unit grade). See attached a brief description of research conducted by a university in Australia. The researchers hope to publish the paper that comes from this research in a major scholarly journal.
For this assignment, you will need to analyse some key aspects of the research as described. As an expert user of research you are asked to identify the (1) research question or questions, hypothesis or research model and assess whether they are valid and appropriate, and (2) the motivation for this research. Again assessing the substance and appropriateness of the motivation
For both (1) and (2), discuss whether the researchers could have enhanced their research and if so, how?
Each part (1) and (2) are worth ten marks each. The total mark is 20% of the overall assessment in the unit.
You should submit your written assignment in Blackboard on Turnitin. See the video on using Turnitin for assignments in the Assignments section of the Blackboard site if you are not familiar with its use.
Also, submit a hard copy of your assignment to the Assignment Box (opposite the lifts) on level 11 of the BA building. As a guide, you might consider an assignment of about 1750 words or so. Longer submissions are acceptable as long as they are succinct not just ‘padded’. And shorter submissions are also accepted. In other words, write what you think is needed to address the issues that need to be discussed in the assignment. Quality of discussion is important.
Assignments are due on September 5th at 4pmas specified in the Unit Outline
.As per University policy, late assignments will draw a 10% penalty for each day or part thereof that they are late.