Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment item 1
Infographic and presentation
Value: 20%
Due date: 18-Aug-2017
Return date: 08-Sep-2017
Length: Up to 10 slides with voiceover
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
This assessment will set the scene for your work in the assessments to come. It will also help you to demonstrate achievement of the subject learning outcomes on communicating specialised industrial relations information to a variety of audiences, and the outcome centred on peer engagement.
Top Juice is a real company operating in Sydney and other Eastern Australia sites ( The company uses a franchise model, as well as operating company owned stores. Visa holders make up a significant proportion of the workforce. You are asked to prepare a presentation to the management team at Top Juice on the employment of visa holders in its Australian outlets. [Please do not contact the company when preparing this assessment.]
In the context of your target audience, your task in Assessment 1 has two parts.
Part A (2 x powerpoint slides) (6 marks)
Prepare an infographic that depicts the following:
- The rights of s457 visa holders in the Australian IR system
- The rights of student visa holders in the Australian IR system. (References required at the foot of slide 2.)
Part B (Powerpoint presentation of up to 8 slides, well presented (see below for further explanation) (14 marks)
Discuss the current debate relating to the engagement of visa holders in Australia, in context of the narrative on ‘jobs for Australians’. Questions to address here include, but are not limited to, the following:
- How does the nature of the employment relationship, as explained in Topic 1, apply to visa holders; what are the limitations, if any, of the duality between market and employment relationship when applied to visa holders (References not essential.);
- Who are the stakeholders in rule-making in the case of visa holders; what is the nature of the rules that apply to visa holders as employees (References not essential.);
- How does employment relations theory and values frameworks help us to make sense of the current debate surrounding the employment of visa holders in Australia. (References needed.)
Completion of the assessment task involves two steps:
(i) Discussion of work-in-progress on your presentation to your peers, as arranged by your lecturer;
(ii) Upload of a powerpoint presentation to Turnitin by the due date shown above.
You are asked to prepare the assessment individually, and present your work-in-progress prior to final submission by the due date shown above. A final powerpoint presentation must upload to Turnitin by the due date.
An example of a simple infographic is provided for you on the interact2 site. This is not a mandatory format. Be creative to the best of your ability.
This assessment task will help you to demonstrate that you have achieved the following learning outcomes in HRM523:
- Be able to critique and appraise ideas and perspectives of other students by creating and sharing information and knowledge in virtual (online moderated) and physical spaces.
- Communicate specialised industrial relations knowledge and ideas to a variety of audiences
- Produce informed, relevant and well-communicated business advice and/or research papers relating to industrial relations issues.
Marking criteria
Marking guide for Assessment 1
Robust information and argument
(10 marks)
Accurate information provided; evidence based argument that demonstrates critical thought in the use and application of sources.
Accurate information; evidence-based argument provided. May be minor gaps in application of critical thought in the application of sources.
Quality information is used and is accurate for the most part. May be some errors in currency. Gaps are evident in analysis and in the application of sources.
Tends to be descriptive and doesn’t fully answer the questions. The quality of some sources may be weaker and/or there is a gap in the application of critical thought.
Poor answer.
Presentation of information
(6 marks)
Appropriate use of presentation skills for the target audience – clear, easy to follow, accurate and visually attractive to the reader.
Appropriate use of presentation skills for the target audience – may be minor gaps evident in clarity, ease of interpretation and visual appeal.
Well-presented set of slides that are easy to follow and appropriate for a business presentation to the target audience.
The presentation meets the minimum requirements, but may lack clarity in expression and/or ease of interpretation and/or visual appeal (eg overcrowded slides)
Poor presentation of the slides.
Participation in class discussion (4 marks)
Raised several points of critique constructively, and provided additional, informed and relevant insight to add value to others’ work.
Raised several points of critique constructively, and provided insights to add value to others’ work, though gaps in relevance and validity.
Raised points of value add and/or critique. Not always highly relevant and/or informed, and/or clear.
Attempted to contribute value to the presentations made by others. Room for improvement in validity, relevance and/or clarity of the point/s raised.
Did not participate, or a poor attempt made.
Total mark
The powerpoint presentation must have a title page showing the subject details, assessment details and your name and student number.
There is no set format for the slides. Dot points, diagrams and tables may be used, provided that their meaning is clear to the reader. Each slide must have a title. Notes page are not permitted.
References must be provided. Citations are not required.