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Assessment item A1
What is IMC? - Blog Discussion
Value: 10%
Due date: 11-Aug-2017
Return date: 01-Sep-2017
Length: 750 quality words
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
Write a Post on IMC addressing the following topics:
• In your own words, define and discuss IMC using your text and at least 4 other academic resources (i.e. academic journals etc.)
• Briefly discuss how IMC has been utilised well using 2 Australian organisations of your choice.
• Discuss how IMC plays a significant role in the overall marketing and business strategy
Ensure you define IMC using theory and research (to support your opinion) and then discuss its application using the organisation chosen and explaining how it has worked in your own words.
Your audience is your subject lecturer

After completing this assessment you will be able to:
• investigate the role of marketing communication in the overall marketing and business strategy;
• use real life organisational examples and discuss from your point of view what works and why.
Please use examples as part of your submission to reinforce/enhance your point of view. Please use academic language.