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Assessment 2 - Research Assignment
Assessment Type Written assignment
Purpose The purpose of this assessment is for students to
explain the nature and rules of conflict resolution, describe the features of resolution methods, and explain the employment relations framework.
Description This assignment provides students with an opportunity to research and analyse a significant issue related to negotiation, advocacy and mediation as conflict resolution processes. They engage in critical thinking and use effective written communication skills.
Much has been written about negotiation, advocacy and mediation but often the `scientific’ evidence to support the analysis has been sketchy. This assignment requires you to find at least five quality sources which report on a particular aspect or theme of negotiation or conflict resolution research and to critically review their findings.
Written as an essay, the assignment should be organised around the following:
Introduction: The area or theme selected should be broadly described/defined with a brief overview provided.
Body: Organise the literature into logical streams related to your topic area. Within each of these areas summarise what the literature says. Be sure to indicate whether the information you are drawing on is based on empirical data, theoretical propositions, or, if it occurs, draws on the opinion of the author. Be sure to use structured paragraphs which should include: a topic sentence, citations of evidence, examples and discussion. Conclusions: This is where you draw all the information together. Make sure your conclusions regarding the topic and the available literature, are organised in a logical order. Be sure that you justify your conclusions from the literature.
Suitable themes include, but are not limited to:
the impact of gender on negotiation [see, for
example, Fells (2016: 18-19)]
personality [see, for example, Fells (2016: 16-17)] cultural difference [see, for example, Lewicki,
Barry and Saunders (2010:460-465)] power and e-negotiations (see Ebner).
Weighting 30%
Length 2000 words +/-10%
Due Date Sunday, 30 July 2017, 11:59pm AEST.
Submission Method Online via Turnitin
Assessment Criteria Your assignment will be marked on the following criteria:
Key elements of the topic are identified, relevant and justified;
Critical analysis of issues using appropriate theories, concepts and methods;
Demonstrated ability to identify, select and use essential readings;
The presentation of a logically, clearly and concisely developed conclusion.
Correct referencing and clarity of expression
Please see attached Marking Matrix for Research Assignment.
Return Method
Feedback Online via Turnitin
Online via Turnitin