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4. Independent Study Topic Presentation: Each student will present a brief oral/online presentation (with slides or other materials to support the presentation) based on the practical implications and solutions arising from your Independent Study Topic investigation. This presentation should take no longer than 10-15 minutes. This oral presentation will be completed using a standard form of software such as PowerPoint (or equivalent software) or Prezi. Your oral presentation will be embedded and supported by the software tool you choose. This function is available in both PowerPoint and Prezi. The software used must be freely and easily accessible to all students on any platform or browser, at no cost and no more than a single click on a weblink or PowerPoint to directly access the presentation. The presentation tool you use must not ask the viewer (e.g. students or convenor) to install or download any software or add-ins in order to work. If your presentation is not accessible you will be notified and given 24 hours to rectify the problem. The slides or presentation will be posted online for all students to access in Week 11 before all students engage in peer review and feedback in Week 12.
Time limit: 10-15 minutes
Due Date: Week 12, no later than Monday 30th May 5pm.
Format: Powerpoint or appropriate presentation software that must be accessible to all students as described above.
Submission: Upload your presentation to iLearn (instructions will be supplied). Peer reviews will be submitted to iLearn and instructions will be supplied.
Feedback: You will receive feedback during the University examination period.
Grading Criteria
Your assignment will be graded against the following criteria with reference to the Grading standards provided by the University (see the University Assessment Policy, links to policy below). The convener practices sound assessment principles including moderation of grades for this tasks (e.g. to resolve any discrepancies or anomalies in peer reviews). For each synopsis the following criteria will be assessed:
(a) Succinct communication of the focus of your research project (i.e. your research problem). You must explain why your research problem is significant and the practical applications, implications or solutions you are seeking. (One or two slides e.g. Title slide and Research Problem slide)
(b) Clear identification of your research aims or questions. (One slide e.g. Aims or Research Questions on one slide)
(c) Explain the key pieces of literature that have informed your practical application, implications or solutions; clear links made between the research literature and your research questions. NOTE: You do not have time to explain all literature, choose two or three key pieces to highlight. (Several slides may be used depending on presentation style.)
(d) Summary of the main research findings regarding the practical and professional applications of your learning arising from this task. (One slide may be sufficient to outline several points)

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