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FLP2524 Diploma in Marine Surveying
Covering Modules One, Two and Three
Consider that you have established a marine surveying company to provide services to your local port.
Part One: 10 marks
As a self-employed surveyor your finance will be an important consideration How would you plan your finances and what financial statements would you keep?
Part Two: 25 Marks
Describe the key types of survey you would focus on for your business, explaining the particular skills you would have to carry out this work.
Selecting one these types of survey, briefly outline the international codes and regulations that would guide you in your findings. What influence would the Flag state and Classification have in directing you to making your report.
To protect your integrity, there may be a situation where you to refuse or to abandon a survey. What reasons may you have to justify this decision?
Part Three: 25 marks
Explain the importance to have knowledge of trading arrangements of the ship you are surveying. Briefly describe the matrix of key contracts used in the international maritime trade. Further explain the different types of charter parties commonly used and the three key applications of the Bills of Lading.
Part Four: 40 Marks
You have been instructed by a ship-owner to carry out a damage survey for a vessel that has suffered fire damage in the accommodation.
Describe your preparation for this work, including the equipment that you would take with you.
Who would you consider to be key people to meet and discuss to carry out this work?
Outline the report to your principal on the survey carried out. (Note this question does not require the full content of a written report, an outline of a formal report is required)
Note: You should aim for 1500 words to complete this assignment
For candidates taking the Diploma option, all Tutor Marked Assignments must be completed. There is a minimum pass mark for each assignment and candidates will be expected to reach this minimum standard.
Please ensure that you use the NKC Diploma Assignment Template found on your course home page and submit via Turnitin
There is no penalty for the late submission of an assignment, provided all assessments are completed by the end of the course. You are recommended to complete each assignment by the suggested deadline date, so the marker can plan their time and return your work as quickly as possible. However, you can submit assignments at any time during the course, but a longer time period may elapse before your marked work is returned.
The suggested deadline for this assignment is:
26th August 2016
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