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MN501 Professionalism and Organisations
Problem / Project Based Learning (PBL) Tutorial
Assignment-2: Researching My Career.
In this assignment you will first conduct further research into your chosen career and then describe the outcomes of this research in a report of 1000 words, plus an appendix comprising of the transcribed interviews.
The following steps will be helpful.
1. Find one or more people working in the chosen profession and interview them. Ask questions such as:
a) Why did you choose this profession?
b) How did you get the job?
c) How did you prepare for doing the job well?
d) How do you find your job?
e) Would you like to stay in this job or change?
f) Any other aspects of the job you want to talk about.
g) …
2. Record your conversations on a recorder (e.g. your mobile phone) with their permission.
3. Transcribe the conversation, i.e. type it word-by-word in a document that will become the appendix of your report.
4. Write a report under the following heading;
• Who did you interview and why.
• What were the main points you learnt from these interviews?
• What is your current thinking about the chosen profession?
• What is your new plan for learning to join this profession?
List of Reference: In this section list all the websites and other references you have used. Provide in-text references for your sources of information. Follow the APA / IEEE referencing style.
Show your tutor drafts of the submission to get feedback. Submit your drafts on a weekly basis.
A well-presented copy of the final report must be submitted in week-12.

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