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General Framework
In this topic, you are to research globalisation. The business press bombards us with ideas about ‘the
shrinking world’, ‘the flat world’ and ‘the border-less world’ – all catchphrases to describe the impact
of globalisation.
But are the (trade) borders really collapsing or are we seeing, post GFC, a resurgence in them? What is
behind the extreme demonstrations against globalisation at G7 and WTC conferences?
Individual Components
1. World 3.0: P Ghemawat’s questioning of whether the world really is as ‘global’ as we are
being told it is and his ideas about how it could be globalised more effectively.
2. Anthony Giddens’ ideas on globalisation.
3. The “End of Poverty” movement and the contrary assertion that “Trade NOT aid” is the way to
a more globalised world that mitigates against poverty

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