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Report Style:
Choose a company and critically analyse its current marketing strategies and market performance . Consider the company’s positon against its main competitor and discuss the successes and failures of this selected company and its marketing approach in competing in this marketplace. You are required to integrate at least 4 key theories you have learned throughout your Marketing qualification into this analysis.
Submit a 2000 word individual PDF version of your report on turnitin.
? Minimum of 12 credible sources including journal articles, books and supporting industry/professional references.
? References from lecture and tutorial slides are not considered credible references.
Assessment Details:
Please focus on the following four themes.
(1) Conduct a situational analysis of the selected company
(2) Compare and contrast the marketing mix strategies of this company as identified in task 1 with one
of its main competitors.
(3) Critically analyse the successes and failures of this company in the marketplace.
(4) Provide recommendations on how this company can improve its future marketing strategies and
performance in the marketplace.

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