Recent Question/Assignment

LIST/BRIEFLY EXPLAIN: (Four worth 20 points each)
1) List and explain the Four Stages of Development of the Colorado River. Briefly describe specific projects, and issues that defined each period. End your answer with what you believe is the biggest lesson learned by the development of the Colorado River to provide water for cities.
2) List and briefly explain the “Traits of the Mormon Cultural Landscape.” What was the “Plat for the City of Zion?” Then compare the Mormon Cultural Landscape to the cultural landscape traits of New Mexico villages settled under the Laws of the Indies. What is similar and what is different and why?
3) List and briefly explain the major geographic traits of the Great Plains. These are: landforms, climate (including why it is dry), land ownership, problems the region faces, demography, ethnicity, and religion. End your answer with a paragraph that describes the Dust Bowl – what it refers to, why this disaster happened, and what land use adaptations were made because of it.
4) Compare Arizona’s basic geography to New Mexico’s. Include the following: main land tenure issues (land grants, Mining Law, Border laws), ethnicity, and population trends. Why did these neighboring states become so different?
DEFININTIONS: (10 worth 2 points each)
Four Sacred Mountains of the Navajo and what each means, Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute, Western Apache “Stalking with Stories”, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young (what did each emphasize in Mormon settlement), Deseret, Colonia Dublán and Colonia Juárez (define them and say why they look so much like Utah towns), Summer Fallow System, Ogallala Aquifer, Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Fire Dependent Ecosystem