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Title: Assessment task 2: The selection of resources and design of teaching and learning activities
Due date: Sunday 28 May, 2017, 23:55pm
Assessment task link to unit learning outcomes: This task assesses Outcomes 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 of the Unit.
3. set clear, challenging and achievable goals for students in their learning of legal and related studies
4.research and design innovative teaching and learning procedures to engage and motivate the diverse range of learners in every classroom
5. demonstrate a capacity to draw on a range of teaching approaches, including the use of information and communications technologies, in ways that align with pedagogical intentions
6. employ accountable and theoretically grounded processes to monitor student learning and progress
7. critically evaluate their practicum experiences of teaching legal studies and law-related studies in schools and other settings.
Details of task: Your task is to select an Area of Study from either Unit 1 or Unit 3 of the current version of the VCE Legal Studies Study Design.
Your task is to develop two 60-minute lesson plans, in sequence, using the lesson plan template provided on Moodle. The first lesson should introduce an idea or concept, and the second lesson should seek to follow-up on / consolidate student learning by requiring students to apply their understanding.
Together, the two lesson plans should include a range of at least three resources accompanied by fully developed teaching and learning activities that are appropriate to this topic.
Resources are the various items that shape an effective lesson. They enhance your teaching and support students learning. Good examples of resources include:
Newspaper article
VCTA Compak articles
Media clips sourced from VEA / Clickview / / tv / movies
Teaching and learning activities make explicit what you and students will do with the chosen resources – i.e., they articulate the pedagogical approach to be taken. Specific instructions may be written as handouts and should be attached as appendices. Good examples include:
Brainstorming activity (T/P/S prompt)
Set of case study questions
Topic and rules of engagement for a debate
Puzzles (word-finders, crosswords, etc.)
Problem to consider and/or solve
Show and tell task (reporting a personal experience or observation)
Structured questions completed in teams (cooperative learning - perhaps with a competitive element)
Internet research activities / WebQuests
Word matching exercises
Quick quiz (T/F, multi-guess)
Word count/equivalent: 2000 words (equivalent)
Weighting/Value: 50%
Presentation requirements: Please refer to the criteria for marking (below).
Please submit one Word file.
Individual assessment in group tasks: This is an individual assessment.
Criteria for marking: Your submission will be assessed with reference to the following criteria:
The extent to which each of the two lesson plans clearly aligns student learning objectives, teaching and learning activities, and assessment strategies. 10 marks
The extent to which the content of the two lesson plans reflects appropriate choices in line with the key knowledge and skills stipulated in the current version of the VCE Legal Studies Study Design. Accordingly, has curriculum content been appropriately pitched to diverse adolescent learners? 10 marks
The extent to which each of the two lesson plans includes topical resources and engaging, student-centred pedagogies. Are resources and teaching learning activities appropriately referenced, fully developed, and attached as appendices? 15 marks
The extent to which planned teaching and learning activities evolve in logical sequence so as to scaffold student learning over the course of two 60-minute lessons. 10 marks
The extent to which the submission demonstrates close and critical engagement with the EDF5159 coursework program. It should be written and organised in a logical, coherent way. The use of headings and sub-headings is encouraged. It is expected that you will proofread your submission to ensure it is free from spelling and grammatical errors. Is it expected that you will use APA 6th Ed referencing conventions. 5 marks

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