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Assessment Task No 2 Individual assessment
Length: 700 – 900 words
Date Due: Week 7 Weight: 10%
Review the impact of social media platforms on the Hospitality Industry.
Criteria used to grade this task
The essay should provide a summary of how social media affects the Hospitality industry:
• Opportunities and threats of different social media platforms for Hospitality businesses.
• How the different social media platforms can be used in the various departments of a Hospitality business.
• The importance of social media platforms for current and potential customers;
• How different social media platforms can be used to engage with current and potential customers
• The strategic management of social media in Hospitality businesses.
• Recommendations for use of social media platforms in a Hospitality business.
See Separate Marking Guide for detailed marking allocation
You must use at least 5 references (Wikipedia is NOT permitted). All use of information obtained from references must be cited and a list of all references must be provided. The APA referencing style must be used.
Submission Details
Submissions must be online via the Drop Box in the LMS
Feedback and Return of Work
Feedback and marks will be provided via the LMS within two weeks of submission

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