Recent Question/Assignment

Business Plan
Weighting: 40% (22% written component + 18% in-class presentation)
Word Limitation: 3000 to 3500 words
Number of Group Members: 2 (penalty for individual assignment -10%)
Due Date: Submission of a written component - week 5.1
Due Date: Oral presentation in class - week 6.1
Business Plan
Develop a business plan for a new start-up. Your business plan to follow the following structure:
1. Executive Summary (summary of what, how, why, where, when, etc.)
2. Business Description (background of the industry; potential of the new venture, etc.)
3. Marketing
A. Research and Analysis (market studies, target market, market position, etc.)
B. Marketing Plan (pricing strategy, advertising plans, cost estimates, etc.)
4. Operations (specific operations of the venture, proximity to customers, suppliers, etc.)
5. Management (key people in the management and their CVs, legal structure, etc.)
6. Financial (sources of funds, budget, cash flow, break-even, cost controls, etc.)
7. Critical Risks (potentially unfavorable industry-wide trends, risk assessment, etc.)
8. Harvest Strategy (transition of leadership, continuity, plan for liquidity event, etc.)
9. Milestone Schedule (timing and objectives, deadlines and milestones, Gantt chart, etc.)
10. Appendix or Bibliography (additional material that is not covered in the body, etc.)
Note: This is a bachelor level assignment and you will be marked also on:
• overall presentation of the report (e.g. formatting, cover page, table of context, etc.)
• structure of the report (e.g. headings used, flow of information, etc.)
• quality of the report (e.g. language used, arguments presented and discussed, etc.)
• bibliography (use of external information sources, quality, validity, relevance of information, consistency of a reference style, etc.)
Oral presentation:
You will be required to present your assignment in class at an allocated time.
• the presentation to be 10 to 12 minutes (5 to 6 minutes each student)
• the presentation to have around 10 slides (12 slides maximum)
• information and graphical images used within the slides to be referenced as needed
Note: This is a third year unit and requires professional presentation, hence your will be marked also on:
• verbal communication (terminology, clarity of the language used, cultural sensitivity)
• nonverbal communication (body, facial, eye, paralanguage communication)
• readiness to present at the allocated time
• time management and organisational skills of the group
• interactivity with audience and professionalism (overall impression of the presentation)