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Assignment 2
Task 1.1) Identify from the existing literature and discuss the relevant decision making theories and frameworks which would inform a deeper understanding of the decision making process in organisations (about 700 words)
Task 1.2) Provide a comprehensive definition of data driven decision making and explain briefly how your definition has been informed by specific literature on data driven decision-making (about 150 words)
Task 1.3) Based on an understanding of how decisions are made in organisations, discuss how changing organisational culture would be important for Company XYZ to successfully make the transition to a data driven decision making paradigm (about 500 words)
Note You are not being asked to write a lot here about 1 ½ pages for Task 1.1, 4-5 sentences for Task 1.2 and about 1 page for Task 1.3 so you simply need to identify and review relevant literature on three key and related areas decision making theories and frameworks, decision making as a process, data driven decision making as a concept and organisational culture’s impact on organisations transitioning to a data driven decision making paradigm
I suggest about 10 papers (white papers, journal articles, conference papers) that cover the following decision making theories and frameworks, decision making as a process, data driven decision making as a concept and impact of organisation culture on transitioning an organisation to a data driven decision making paradigm
First start would be identify suitable papers to support the argument and discussion presented for each sub task and loosely start to write up each sub task
Task 2 Patient Health data set
Task 2.1 Conduct an exploratory data analysis of patient-health.csv
Statistics Tab in RapidMiner – understand the characteristics of each of the variables for the data set
Correlation matrix, Weight by Correlation, Weight by Chi Square Statistics
Identify outliers – Detect Outliers
Task 2.2 Build Decision Tree – Decision Tree Rules
Task 3 Deaths Climbing Mt Everest
First thing – use of number of records so that you get an accurate count of deaths and a starting point for your data presentation in Tableau, note no_deaths variable is simply a running count of deaths attributable to climbing Mt Everest since 1920 to 2016
Three views of the MtEverestDeaths.xlsx data set in Tableau – this can be a Table View or a Graph View in Tableau
Note you need to provide a copy of your Assignment 2 Task 3 Tableau file in twbx format as part of your Assignment 2 submission
Report presentation writing style and referencing
Presentation use of formatting, spacing, paragraphs, tables and diagrams, introduction, conclusion, table of contents
Title Page for Assignment 2 Report
Table of Contents
Body of report – main sections and subsections for assignment 2 tasks and sub tasks so
Task 1 will be a main heading with appropriate sub headings etc....for each sub task such as Task 1.1, Task 1.2 etc..
Task 2 …
Task 3 ….
List of References
List of Appendices
You need to submit two files for Assignment 2:
1. Assignment 2 Report for Tasks 1, 2 and 3 in Word document format with the
extension .docx
2. Tableau packaged workbook with the extension .twbx contains three required Text Table / Graph views for Task 3
Writing style Use of English (Correct use of language and grammar. Also, is there
evidence of spelling-checking and proofreading?)
Referencing (appropriate level of referencing in text, reference list provided, used Harvard Referencing Style)

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