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Assessment Task 2: Written Assignment - Searching for evidence
Description: Students are required to select any one (1) of the scenario/answerable question/evidence (provided in the LEO HLSC122, 2017 Semester 1 (Assessment Resources tile) to search for evidence.
Students are required to: identify and explain the rationale for selecting particular databases; search for evidence and refine your search using a variety of strategies; demonstrate a systematic search using a table with a final result significantly less than the initial search results. Finally the student is required to validate the accuracy of the search results.
Instructions: From the scenario/answerable question provided (LEO) HLSC122, 2017 Semester 1 (Assessment Resources tile) to search for evidence, choose any one (1) as a basis for your inquiry.
1. Based on the answerable question, identify key words, search terms or phrases that you will use to complete a systematic search for evidence.
2. Identify the best two (2) databases that you would use to search for evidence based on the answerable question.
3. Explain why you chose these two (2) databases to conduct your search.
4. Using one (1) database described above, demonstrate your initial and refined search for evidence using the table from Richardson-Tench et al. (2016, p. 47). Use these headings in the table: 'actions', 'search mode', 'results', and 'limiters'.
5. The table should demonstrate the use of a variety of search strategies (example Boolean operators, truncation, wildcard, limiters).
6. Your final search should demonstrate a significantly smaller number of results than your initial search.
7. Explain the accuracy (relevance) your search results related to the PICO/PICo question.
8. Include two (2) examples from your final search results as a full reference in the reference list.
Due date: Friday 7 April 2017, 2200 hours
Weighting: 30%
Length and/or format: 800 words
HLSC122 Inquiry in Health Care - U. Outline 201730 FINAL 8.2.17