Recent Question/Assignment

After reading Chapter 11, proceed to do the following questions.
Copy and paste the below ink and watch the video. Answer the following questions after watching the video.
1. Describe how John Chambers portrays the personal traits of a leader as identified on page 333.
2. Is John Chamber practicing Transactional Leadership or Transformational Leadership? Support with examples from the video.
3. Describe how John Chamber shows Emotional Intelligence? (Apply Figure 11.10 from the textbook)
4. Does John Chambers have an interactive management style? Explain.
5. What is Moral Leadership? Describe how John Chambers demonstrates authentic leadership.
6. List and briefly discuss Drucker's essentials of good old-fashioned leadership identifying whether you believe each is essential or not. From your personal experience, identify a scenario where old-fashion leadership has been portrayed. Or, how you could portray it in a managerial role.
7. Refer to Figure 11.3 on page 334 and
a) Identify where John Chambers fits on the chart. Support with examples from the video.
b) Identify where you fit as a manager-leader on Figure 11.3? Explain.
8. Name a leader you admire and why you admire them? Make sure you use relevant content from the chapter in your discussion.