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Assessment 1: Charter
This is an individual assessment. You are to develop a project charter that is reflective of the selected tender and aligns to the requirements of the PMBoK and Prince2.
You will need to choose a tender, out of the four provided in the week one block on the Moodle site. You will use the same tender as the basis for the first four assessments.
Assessments one (1) and four (4) are individual assessments and assessments 2, 3 and 5 are group assessments. Flex students are able to work assessments 2, 3 and 5 either as an individual or groups which you can organise via the forum. For those students working in groups, you will need to agree on which tender to utilise, prior to the submission of assessment 1. This will ensure each member of the group is working on the project described within the same tender.
Tenders will be supplied for a range of project domains:-
• Engineering and construction domain,
• IT telecoms software domain,
• Financial and business services domain,
• Government / human services domain.
Assessment Individual or Group Case/Tender Based Due Date
Ass 1:
Project Charter Individual Yes Week 4
Time: 11.45pm
Ass 2:
Scope Baseline
Work Package
Schedule Baseline
Stakeholder Register Group Yes Week 6
Time: 11.45pm
Ass 3:
Requirements Management Plan
Quality Management Plan
Cost Management Plan
Cost Baseline and Funding Requirements Group Yes Week 8
Time: 11.45pm
Ass 4:
Risk Register Individual Yes Week 10
Time: 11.45pm
Ass 5:
Presentation Group No Week 12
On Campus Students:
Submit your files prior to presenting in class during week 12.
Flex Students:
Friday (week 12)
Time: 11.45pm
Title Page
Include a title page at the beginning of each assessment item with the following information:
• Student name/s (include names of all students in group for group assessments – 2, 3 & 5)
• Student number/s (include number of all students in group for group assessments)
• The project domain and name
• The document name (e.g. Charter, Scope Baseline etc.)
The project management concepts related to the project charter are the basis of the assessment criteria. You are required to apply your knowledge of these concepts when developing the project charter.
You will notice that the criteria for Assessment 1 (apart from the text in brackets) aligns to the headings that will appear in your charter. The text in brackets gives you more detail about the amount of content required for certain criteria.
Assessment Criteria Allocated
Appropriate application of the following project management concepts in the development of a project charter for the project described in the selected tender.
1 Project description 1
2 Project justification / investment appraisal 1
3 Project objectives and associated measures (note two objectives and corresponding measures) 2
4 High level requirements 0.5
5 Assumptions and constraints (Note one assumption and one constraint) 1
6 High level risks (Note three risks, mentioning their respective impact and probability) 3
Summary milestone schedule 1
7 Summary budget 1
8 Stakeholder list (Note at least six stakeholders or stakeholder groups) 3
9 Proposed project lifecycle - waterfall or agile (including short explanation) 1
10 Project approvals requirements i.e. what constitutes project success, who decides the project is successful, who signs off on the project. 1.5
11 Assigned project manager 0.5
12 Structure of the project board (as per Prince2) authorising the project charter. 1.5
13 Clarity of expression, grammar, spelling and referencing. 2
Total Marks 20

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