Recent Question/Assignment

Swinburne Design
DDD20004: Contemporary Design Issues
Semester One 2017
Task 2
Persuasive Writing, creating an argument, integrating a quote, advocacy
Due Date/Time: Wednesday 29th March 9.00AM
1. Research an example of Design for Development from the list below. Read critically and carefully.
2. Select a relevant quote from this week’s set reading, Paul Polak’s Design for the Other Ninety Percent to support your argument.
3. Write a persuasive short article. Use the knowledge gained from reading about your example and Polak’s chapter to explain the design or campaign and its contribution to communities in terms of both the obvious tangible benefits and at least one ‘flow-on’ effect. Flow-on effects are benefits that are not necessarily planned or direct, but are real improvements to the lives of people who use these designs or learn from the campaigns.
4. Use the quote in support of your argument, it must not be a ‘floating quote’ but integrated within a paragraph. Use an APA6th Edition in text reference to acknowledge the source of the quote. Edit your English expression and spelling carefully. Use Grammarly or other software.
5. Post an image and provide the source underneath in a bracket.
300-350 words
Interior design:
Vertical Yard Typology + 14 x 7 Row House
Butaro Hospital, Rwanda
Meti ‘Hand-made’ School
Tebogo Home for Handicapped Children, South Africa -

Digital Media/Communication design:
Map Kibera project -
M-Pesa Money Transfer System -
One Brand condom advertisement Thailand
Trust Condom Advertisement for Kenya
UNICEF Campaign for Handwashing (for India) -
Women are Heroes campaign
Industrial design:
Kinkajou Microfilm Projector and Portable Library
Big Boda Load-carrying Bicycle
Q Drum
Gravity Light
Solar Aid
Polak, P. (2007). Design for the Other Ninety Percent, in C. Smith (Ed.). Design for the Other 90% (pp.19-25). New York: Cooper-Hewitt/National Design Museum, Smithsonian.