Recent Question/Assignment

you will use only the first 6-steps of the Design Process (Karsnitz 2013) to solve the problem of the collecting, sorting and delivering the balls. with respect to Warman Competition Rules 2017.
you will only produce a 6-page presentation/portfolio of the your proposed design. there is no limits to the amount of information included in the page limit as long as it is well presented and reads easily, including sketching and drawing the suggested design of the devise. In Youtube you can see some devises when you type (Warman 2011 until 2016)
the 6-step Design Process ( Karsnitz 2013)
1- Define the problem
2- Brainstorming/ problem solving techniques for devising solutions
3- researching the problem and generating ideas
4- Identify criteria and specify constrains
5- Explore possibilities
6- select a viable approach
in the attachment you will see three deocmant:
one gives an example pages from design portfolios ( Karsnitz 2013) and description of the 6-steps the (Content).
the other is the problem and the explanation
and the last is the Rules of the Warman 2017, that need to be considered