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FLR2524 Diploma in Marine Surveying
Covering Modules Four and Five
1. (20%) Outline what is meant by “tort of negligence” and give an example of how this may apply in:
A : Commercial Shipping and , B : To you as a surveyor.
2. (20%) A claimant may sue for damages for both breach of contract and tort of negligence.
A: Explain how the measure of damage applies in each of these cases under English Law.
B: Explain why English Law is commonly used in such cases.
3. (10%) Explain the concept of “agony of the moment” and provide a scenario (actual or fictitious) which demonstrates this concept.
4 (10%) Outline the role of the Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Clubs.
5 (10%) State five benefits for a ship owner / ship manager of belonging to a P&I club.
6 (15%) Explain the following terms and how they relate to the P&I clubs:
A General average
B Free reserves
C Wreck removal
7 (15%) Provide a definition for the term “seaworthy” and list ten items which you would survey or review in order to confirm that a vessel could be considered to be in a seaworthy condition. Provide one typical defect which you may find for each item you list.
NOTE: You should aim for 2000 words to complete this assignment
. There is a minimum pass mark for each assignment and candidates will be expected to reach this minimum standard.
Please ensure that you use the NKC Diploma Assignment Template found on your course home page and submit via Turnitin
There is no penalty for the late submission of an assignment, provided all assessments are completed by the end of the course. You are recommended to complete each assignment by the suggested deadline date, so the marker can plan their time and return your work as quickly as possible. However, you can submit assignments at any time during the course, but a longer time period may elapse before your marked work is returned.
The suggested deadline for this assignment is:
20th October 2016
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