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Swinburne Design
DDD20004 Contemporary Design Issues
Semester One 2017
Task One: Handcraft & Design
Assessment criteria: Analysis of text, effective paraphrasing and argument, clear English expression, accurate spelling, image, citation of image and text, presentation.
Due date & time: 9.00AM Wednesday 15th March
(Students who were late enrolments may seek an extension for this task.)
1. Read this week’s set reading, the article by Mel Campbell titled Canvas, note the author’s ambivalence about the meaning of handcraft in the 21st century.
From the reading of Campbell’s article the handwashed which is the products that are made to look as handmade products become very enormous recognize and successful of mass production in the contemporary society. According to “Fight Club's Tyler Durden took the piss out of the rich by selling their liposucked fat back to them as luxury soap, ready for handwashing.” It is like the company lie to the customer. Pomlom
Reality, handmade products are those who got a small business.
2. Select one example of design that uses or references handcraft from the list below.
3. Watch LAS Tutorial 1 on Quoting, Paraphrasing & Summarizing.
4. Open a Word document. Title your entry Task 1: Handcraft & Design. Write a short article about how handcraft influences are common in contemporary design or media referring in your own words, to at least two of the ideas discussed in the article. Explaining the way handcraft or the appearance of it in your chosen example communicates any of the following: authenticity, wholesomeness, resourcefulness, thrift, childhood creativity, or a protest against newness and obsolescence. Comment on whether the example is an example of ‘handwashing’ or not. Is the handcrafting in your example a form of luxury? Why/why not? Refer to the design of your chosen example to support your argument. Make sure you introduce and conclude your argument. 300-350 words
5. Edit your text carefully using Grammarly. It should be publication quality with proper sentences and paragraphs.
6. Embed an image of your example. (An easy way to do this is to capture an edited ‘Screen Grab’ by choosing an image and keying ‘command + shift + 4’, placing the cursor in the top left and pulling it to the bottom right to save the image to your desktop.) Post the source in a bracket below the image. Cite your two sources of information at the end – this week’s set reading and the site your example comes from.
7. Upload your task using the Upload Tasks 1, 2 & 3 tab on the left hand menu of this unit by 9.00AM Wednesday 15th March. Guides to using Turnitin can be found in the same tab.
EXAMPLES (Choose one)
Communication Design Any illustration by Timba Smits
Any single paper cut illustration by Eiko Ojala Abyss cut paper installation using luminous paint by Zim & Zou Olive Oil packaging by Lazy Snail Tea packaging by Shenzen Oracle Creative Design Issue 29 Mandiba of I-Jusi magazine
Interior Architecture
Flint House
Fairhaven Beach House
El Salvador Beach House
Cabane Morsang
Aesop Fukuoka Shop!/store?store=72&section=material
Industrial design t.e. 117 cupboard by Christien Meindertsma
Candle Dome by Aldo Bakker
Credenza by Patricia Urquiola
Any light design by David Truebridge
Digital Media Design
Little Big Planet
Fantastic Mr Fox (2009) by Wes Craven
Is the Man Who is Tall Happy? (2013) by Michel Gondry
This studio task will be assessed. Three tasks make up 30% of the subject grade, so this task is worth 10% of your marks for this unit.
Reference List
Campbell, M. (2009, May 21). Canvas. The Age, p.17.