Recent Question/Assignment

Write a 1400 word report that contains correct in-text citations from at least eight academic sources along with a reference list which presents the full details of each source in alphabetical order.
• A minimum of four new academic sources must be found through your own searching (these must be in addition to sources that are provided in the Course Reader and were provided for Task 1b).
• At least twoof thenew sources must be peer-reviewed journal articles.
Your written assignment is to be informed by relevant communication theory and show evidence of an academic research process.
The in-text citations and reference list should conform to the conventions of either the nominated referencing styles.
Report Question
The purpose of this report is to make recommendations for incorporating interpersonal communication into your discipline/field. Explain each of the three skills of listening, feedback and questioning in detail. Critically examine the benefits of these in relation to your specific discipline/field. Briefly note any potential challenges to incorporating these skills within your discipline/field. Provide recommendations from this analysis. Your report must use relevant sources from both communication theory and your specific field.
Instructions detailing the style and structure of this task are contained in the prescribed COR109 textbook and will be thoroughly discussed in tutorials.