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Unit Code : SITXMGT515
Unit name: Manage Operational Plans
Instructions for assessment including WHS requirements
Assessment 3 consists of a project comprising of 2 parts, Part A and Part B.
Requires you to select a procedure or task completed in an organisation or department as outlined in the tasks below. For these procedures or tasks you are required to write the detailed procedural steps required to complete these to industry standard in form of a checklist. You are then required to observe a staff member completing the procedure/task and document the performance. Upon completion you are required to identify the shortfalls and underperformances.
Requires you to write a strategy which can be implemented to overcome the identified shortfalls. The strategy must be supported by an overview of all cost factors which will impact on the strategy including human and physical aspects
On completion you are required to write a critical reflection on the project overall, including cost effectiveness, viability for the operation and terms of ROI, and realistic alternatives to improve processes and procedures. Each suggested approach must be evaluated for positive and negative impacts.
This assessment is one form of assessment type that is used to collect evidence and will count towards gaining competence toward this unit.
To demonstrate competence each task must be completed and the relevant question must be answered by the student.

Part A Observation of operational procedures or tasks
This project consists of an observation of an operational procedure relevant to your area of training which may include a Kitchen operation, Front office, Tourism, Events, Food and Beverage, Rooms Division or Administration. The focus needs to be on observing and improving existing procedures or to identify new processes to improve operations.
o This may relate to workflow processes
o Cost efficiency of products and services
o Customer service related issues
o Check-in, check-out procedures
o Staff efficiency and training needs
o or a specific procedure as instructed by your trainer
Establishment/Organisation: ______________________________________________
Task Procedure performed in the Organisation selected: _____________________________________________
Date: ____________________________________________________
Your Task:
1. Provide an overview of your workplace and a description of the operational procedure you will monitor, analyse and review and outline the reasons which indicated to you that a review would be necessary (for example complaints from customers about prolonged waiting periods for check-in; prolonged waiting periods for food in the restaurant; frequent errors in reconciliations at the end of the shift in front office or similar.
2. List the Standard Procedures which would be required to perform the procedure or tasks and the criteria which are used to industry standards to measure the performance required. This needs to show all tasks which are part of the procedure you observe.
3. Observe the task or operational procedure and provide an overview of your findings.
4. Following the observation identify any shortfalls or underperformance during the observation of tasks or processes and document these in detail. What were the issues and what were the potential reasons for these?

Part B Developing strategies and critical reflection
5. Develop a strategy that can be implemented to overcome the shortfalls you have identified and explain how each step of the strategy will be implemented to ensure it will be successful. Include the documentation required for this.
6. Provide an overview of the potential cost factors for your suggested procedures including physical and human resource aspects as relevant.
7. In brief provide a critical reflection on your project: Given what you have observed, analysed in terms of resources required and the potential outcomes from the strategy you have developed, how viable is your strategy in terms of outlay required by the organisation? Would there be a more cost effective option?