Recent Question/Assignment

20.You take your patient’s clinical observations and note that the patient PR is 110, Temp 38.9, BP 100/70. You examine the wound and there is copious yellow ooze from external staples, there are parts where the staples are bursting and the odour is offensive. What do these results mean?
21.What nursing interventions will you undertake and why?
22.A heart rate of 110bpm is referred to as what?
23.A temperature of greater than 38 degrees is referred to as what?
24.When the results from the wound swabs return the infection is identified as MRSA. Define what MRSA is and what actions will you need to implement to manage?
25.What information will you provide to the client to educate them on what has happened and the requirements for management of hospital acquired infections?
26.The patient develops during the hospital stay a urinary tract infection. How would this be diagnosed and what clinical manifestations would the patient complain of?
27.Define what would be found in the urine when doing a urinalysis?
28.The patient was due to discharge on DAY 5, but due to post-operative complications the discharge was delayed a further 5 days. This has now resulted in further social and economic burdens. What can you do to support this patient with the issues that have arisen?
29.The patient is clear for discharge what is required for this?
30.Provide a list of services that could provide your patient with community support whilst they are home recuperating.