Recent Question/Assignment

Question (100 marks)
With reference to contemporary theories of crime, do you think ‘juvenile delinquents’ who had committed ‘criminal offences’ should be tagged and watched 24/7 alongside their families for a minimum of 5 years so as to minimise the risk of re-offending?
While this is a hypothetical scenario, please critique this ‘punishment’ in relation to what we know from contemporary theories of crime relating to youth delinquency. Your assessment of whether this hypothetical ‘punishment’ is adequate or not and the purposes of ‘punishment’ must be discussed in relation to how contemporary theories explained why youths commit crime.
Student notes
This question requires you to demonstrate knowledge of theories learnt in class, but you need to go beyond providing definitions of the theories. This question tests your ability to analyse, appraise and compare points made in theories and academic writings; to research journal articles and scholarly writings, and apply the theories to a hypothetical case scenario. To do well for this assignment, you would also have to unpack the statement, define and critique the issues clearly, and integrate your analysis into a coherent, persuasive essay.
Write your answers in not more than 1,500 words. Please remember to provide the word count, and list of references.