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Provide care for mothers and babies
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C2: Interview and report
Submission requirement
Via Moodle.
Marking Guide
• Word Limit of 600 words
• Candidates are required to adhere to the Assessment Guidelines in their submission.
• Must be submitted via Moodle
• You must submit your report PLUS records of interview responses (typed).
This assignment requires you to undertake 10 interviews and then write a report highlighting and critically reflecting on the answers you received from your interview subjects.
Part 1
a) The interview must be undertaken with women and men of numerous ages who have had children.
Ask the following questions and record the answers:
1. What changes have you noticed with maternal care since the birth of your last child?
2. Do you have any myths or superstitions that you remember in relation to being pregnant?
3. How long were you in hospital when you had your baby?
4. Provide a brief description of the positive points and the negative points?
5. It appears that Mothers today have many gadgets to help provide care to a newborn/child. What are you opinions on the merchandise available for use in relation to parenting and baby care?
6. The role of Dad has it changed over the years. Do you agree? If yes, how has it changed?
Part 2
You are to collate the information collected from conducting the 10 interviews and then write a report that critically reflects on the answers given.
The report must include the following –
a) Introduction to activity undertaken
b) The most surprising answer received from the interviews conducted
c) How you felt the interviews went and how you could improve if you repeated the task
d) Evidence that the answers have been reviewed critically – comparison and contrast.
e) Consider why you feel people answered certain ways to certain statements?
f) Your feelings on undertaking this task and its usefulness.
g) How will you maintain the confidentially and privacy of your interviewees for this assessment and why is this important?