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Individual Written Assessment - Case Study
Write a critically reflective essay (1000 words) concerning your learning journey in the discipline of International Marketing.
The stimulus is case study 5 in your text (pp. 580-584).
The questions accompanying the case must not form part of your response as these are the focus of case preparation and discussion in week 10.
Due Date: Week 12 Thursday (09-Feb-2017) 05:00 PM AEST
Please consult policy on extension for the assessment.
Consult the extended detail concerning the reflective essay here:
New Zealand earthquake: Tsunami hits after magnitude-7.5 quake strikes near Christchurch
A powerful earthquake and hundreds of strong aftershocks has rocked New Zealand, killing at least two people and prompting a tsunami warning that sent thousands fleeing to higher ground.

Essay Topic: -International Marketing is like trying to do business in a quake zone-
Elaborate and make an argument for or against the claim.
Ensure your work draws on theoretical and conceptual reasoning covered in the course.
Begin work on the essay after week 5, and effectively structure your submission according to required conventions.
Assessment Criteria
1. Essay structure [5 marks]
2. Use of theory, concepts, and models specific to International Marketing [10 marks]
3. Critical reflection of learning experiences [10 marks]
4. Use of -Trying to do business in a quake zone- analogy [10 marks]
5. Mechanics, writing style, references [5 marks]
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